Digital Negatives

Digital Negative in a professional box

Own them, print them, frame them, as many times as you like.

Do your own thing, print them to your heart’s content distribute them far and wide, save them on your computer and your phone, satiate the hunger of Grandparents for imagery of their grandchildren, but most of all own them for ever.

Digital negatives

This is our name for the digital file of your image, if you choose to purchase digital negatives from your photo session you will receive the images loaded onto our, very nice, chrome USB memory stick.

Each image will have been retouched to your specific requirements and will come in three versions:


Very high resolution TIFF file

Usually* 40mb in size, this is the file we print from when you order a framed print from us, it is the highest quality you can get, owning this file will allow you to get it printed at a professional lab, we do recommend that you do precisely that, this file contains information relating the colourspace, for those that want to know we use ProPhoto RGB colour space which offers a much enhanced and wider gamut of colours (in our case blacks and greys through to white). This file is not compressed as the jpeg file is, so no loss of quality is experienced.

Medium Resolution JPEG file

Usually*  4mb in size, this is the format most small cameras deliver, good quality and these are the files you should be using to print from at a high street or online lab or to email to family that want to print from them. We wouldn't recommend printing bigger than 10x8 inches from these files, you can, but they may suffer from noticeable degradation in quality above that size print (but then we are very picky about these things). JPEG files are heavily compressed to keep file sizes down and you would see the difference comparing a large print to one from a Tiff file.

Screen Resolution JPEG file

Usually* 220kb in size, this is the format you should use if posting to your Social Media feeds, do not print from these as you will end up with a tiny horribly pixellated thing. Screen resolution is what it is and will look very good on a screen and nowhere else! 

You can use these in an email if the recipient doesn't want to print from them.

They are often also used as wallpaper backgrounds for your computer or mobile phone. 

When you receive your Digital Negatives please back them up to the cloud immediately, once out of our hands your images will eventually be deleted.


*we say 'usually' because the size of the file very much depends on the content of the photograph and can vary accordingly.

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