Family Photographers

Nousha was founded in 2009 by husband and wife, Lionel and Claire Cherruault. The dream was to provide customers with the very highest quality work and frames to match. Nousha now has three family photographers and have provided countless families with stunning photography.

Lionel & Claire, London Photographers

Nousha Photography is located in Clapham Old Town, London. The studio is unlike others; Lionel and Claire use their true photographic heritage and professionalism to accomplish the best family studio portraiture anywhere.

The studio is a quiet and clean environment, beautifully designed specifically for its purpose.

We very much look forward to welcoming you for a photoshoot experience and pictures you will never forget.

Child looking at her photographers

We will present you with the best photographs you have ever seen of your family.

We can all take photos at home now with our smartphones, but nothing beats the years of training and experience our photographers have, not only in photography, but in persuading the occasionally reluctant toddlers (and grumpy teenagers) that it’s really not so bad…

Our family photographers will happily make complete fools of themselves in order to extract the best reactions from you!

two family photographers looking over their work

Your photographs will be printed on archival paper and framed by our master framer and his assistant. Each frame is made by hand to produce a flawless finish.

They create truly beautiful pieces which will look stunning in your home.

Digital files are also available - so you have complete freedom to choose whatever you would like to do with them.

Nousha Photography a Great British Brand

Our Family Photography Team

Nousha the cat


Cat Executive Officer

Nousha is the cat in charge. People ask why she became the figure-cat of our op-purrr-ration, when trying to choose a name for the company, Lionel & Claire thought of all sorts of silly, snappy names while Nousha (the Norwegian forest cat) watched patiently until they finally came to their senses and realised it made the purrfect name for their new business. 

We’ve been told since that it means sweet or lovely in Persian (no more purr jokes I promise), which is very lucky indeed.

We have also been told it makes us sound like a swimwear brand, we are not sure what Nousha thinks about that…


Lionel, family photographer

Lionel Cherruault

Co-Founder & Photographer

A professional photographer for over thirty years. Classically trained in the art of portrait photography, Lionel specialised in photographing the British Royal Family for twenty years. 

"From the young age of eleven I was encouraged to take pictures by my father, I learnt my trade at Camera Press - the leading photographic agency in the world at the time. I worked my way up through the agency (tea-maker, messenger, darkroom) to become their staff photographer. At Camera Press, I photographed the great and the good (and the not so good) politicians, actors, authors, artists - in fact almost everything and everyone.

With the arrival of the bright, young Lady Diana, I chose to specialise in photographing all members of the British Royal Family. I did so for nearly twenty years, accredited and invited by Buckingham Palace to cover official UK Royal rota engagements and Royal Tours to seventy countries. I was Royal Correspondent for Sipa Press Agency in Paris for more than ten years. My wife Claire and I run Nousha Photography together."

Claire Cherruault

Claire Cherruault

Co-Founder & Photographer

Originally a landscapist photographer with an eye for beauty in the wide expanses. Claire is a photography graduate of Falmouth College of Arts with a stellar reputation worldwide.

She lends her expertise to the development of the Nousha Photography’s ‘House Style’ in addition to being responsible for the smooth running of all our production. 

She is at her happiest tramping across the moors in Devon, camera and tripod slung over her shoulder surrounded by the glorious silence that is the ‘big big’ landscape.

She has unerring patience enabling her to capture her prey, which, in this case, changes by the second at the mercy of the light.


Nousha Photography


Head Photographer

Ola has proved to be a great proponent of our style of family portraiture and it shows in her images. She will enthral your children with her stories and extremely silly noises whilst maintaining professionalism in her mission!

Be prepared for some really excellent pictures from your photo session, her pictures continue to surprise and delight us as well as our clients!

Zoe (our photographers)


Administration & Events Manager

Zoe understands  the soul of Nousha Photography and keeps us all organised! She has been with us since 2012, from our very early days when we started Nousha in our house in Peckham. She will always be able to assist you with any problems or questions you may have. In addition she manages our events and a big part of her position is conducting Viewing appointments when you will select your images following the photo session. Over the years working with us she has become very knowledgeable about our style of portrait photography and is good counsel whilst making the difficult decisions selecting your pictures.

Margarita, our photographers


Administration & Social Media Manager

Margarita will help you through the painful process of selecting your images (because there will be so many good ones!) when you return to view your images. She also lives and breathes Social Media, so, thankfully, she is in charge of that for us as well.

Anyone conducting viewings has good or excellent working knowledge of our portrait photography and will offer useful advice to aid you in your decisions.

Radostina, our photographers


Head of Production

Our wonderfully talented Radostina started out here as a retoucher 4 years ago and has progressed into the role of Head of Production. She has taken the Nousha house style and made it sing! Her favourite thing about Nousha is our contemporary style and the timeless black and white pictures we create, which she carefully signs off herself.