Family Photography London

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Nousha Photography is a family photography London specialist. We have a photographic studio in Clapham, South London and have guests visit our studio from the North, South and all around the city. We even have people travelling to us from further afield around the UK.

We are experts in family photography and family portraits and work in our own black and white style. The studio environment combined with the monochrome aesthetic strips back distraction and lets your children’s personalities shine out.

London Photography

London is well known for being a hive of high quality and professional photographers in a variety of different industries. When it comes to family photography in London, we’re one of the best. We’re not only experienced and talented in regards to producing high quality photos, but have a team of friendly photographers, receptionists and editors who are great with children! This combination means we’re one of the best family photography studios in London.

Family photography is an incredible way to capture the ever-changing dynamic of your family. Children grow exceptionally fast and every month look a little bit different, a little bit more grown up and are that bit closer to the amazing fully-formed people they’ll one day be!

That’s why family photography is so important. It allows you to hold onto these fleeting moments, to never forget what your little ones were like at a certain moment in time: that gappy-tooth smile, their signature pigtails, or simply the complex and beautiful expression in their eyes.

Whether they’re a toddler, an excited six-year-old or a teenager, celebrating the stage in life they’re at is incredibly precious.

London is a busy place and I’m sure, especially with kids, you have a busy (and perhaps at times slightly chaotic!) life. Our London family photography, while being situated in the centre of the bubbling, bustling city, gives you a moment of respite.

The studio setting is very stripped back: a simple room with clean lighting and a plain white backdrop, we remove the distractions and let you focus on your family. This creates photographs that are centred on the people without your attention being drawn away by anything else. It’s a flawless way to remove yourself from the craziness of London life and refresh your perspective on how wonderful your family really is.

Viewing our photographs naturally causes you to pause. The simplicity of the portraits allows the richness of your child’s expression to shine through. You’ll automatically pause when looking at their portrait and see something new or be reminded afresh of how beautiful they are.

A girl posing for her family portrait


We’re based in Clapham, a fantastic central location from which we serve the whole of London. Our studio is a modern and professional setting, inside and out!

It’s not only designed to provide the best space for our photography work but to make the whole family photography experience feel luxurious and comfortable. While you wait, you can also view some of our favourite photographs, which are on display, to get some inspiration on how you might display your own family photos.

London Underground

You can get to us easily using the London underground. Use the Northern Line to Clapham Common. We’re just a five minute walk from there!

London Rail

We’re also easily accessible by train if you’re travelling into London for your family photography from further afield. Clapham High Street station, on the South London line, is around a ten minute walk from our photography studio.

Family Photography London

For exceptional family photography London, get in touch with Nousha Photography. We are London’s leading child portrait and family portrait photographers, delivering flawless photography.