Family Photoshoot

Nousha Photography provide some of the best family photoshoot experiences available in London, perfect for the whole family. From six months old (or as soon as they can sit up!) right through to those just heading off to university, we provide a family photoshoot that everyone can enjoy.

What is a Family Photoshoot?

A family photoshoot describes a photography session in which multiple portraits are taken of your family. Most of the time, this is done in a studio setting - which is what we do at Nousha - although sometimes these can be in other places such as outside.

Most of the time, photos in a photo shoot will be natural and candid, especially when working with children! It’s hard to get little kids to pose a certain way, so rather than wasting a lot of time trying, we use our photography skills to capture their portrait while they’re chatting, pulling their silliest faces, or laughing at one of our jokes!

A family photoshoot isn’t just about your children; it involves the whole family. We spent time with you as the parents too, photographing the way you interact together as a whole family. Whether your kids are jumping around on top of you, you’re distracted by the family dog or if you’re all smiling at the camera, the photographs that come out at the end are always fantastic.

Once we’ve spent some time with your as a whole family, we ask for you to leave so we can get some shots of your children together. A family photoshoot will always involve portraits of each child individually too.

Big family groups are no problem, just require more time in the studio

We have families of all varieties, sizes and ages in our studio. We love meeting new people!

Signature Photo

Nousha Photography’s signature shot is included in every photo shoot and it’s always our favourite. While we love the silliness and fun of family photoshoots, it’s the unguarded simplicity of these shots that really make them stand out.

They’re not intended to be ‘serious’ exactly, just genuine and unguarded. When you strip away obvious emotion, such as a grin or a silly face, the more subtle tones of your child’s personality are brought to the front.

With our signature photoshoot portraits, you notice a different thing every time you look with layers of different emotions, thoughts and parts of their personalities showing in every image.

Portraits with the power to take your breath away…

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Family Photoshoot Questions

Have questions about the family photoshoot experience? Hopefully you’ll be able to find your answer below! If you can’t, just give us a ring or drop us an email and we’d love to chat through any questions you might have.

How long does a photo shoot last?

Different studios will have photoshoots that last a different amount of time, but photoshoots should never be more than a couple of hours at the most. At Nousha Photography, we fit everything into just one hour. It’s more than enough time to get a massive range of different photographs of the whole family and individual portraits of all your children. Besides, anything longer than that and the children start to get a bit tired!

Every family photoshoot will last for an hour at the most. The exact time usually depends on the size of your family!

Do I need a different photoshoot for each child?

A family photoshoot is for the whole family, so it includes time with all of you, your children together and each child on their own. There’s no need to book multiple photoshoots for each of your children - it would stop being a family shoot if that was necessary!

If you have a new family member down the line, a lot of people choose to return to capture how their family has grown and include the youngest editions in the photos. Even if you’re family doesn’t grow in number, it will always grow and develop. It’s common to have another photoshoot several years down the line so you can capture your children at different stages.

A lot of people hang their older photoshoot images next to the new ones for a stunning effect. The beauty of a photoshoot with Nousha is that the images never look dated or old. We work in black and white photography, which gives the images a timeless quality. They look incredible years down the line and will always match with new images if you choose to have another family photoshoot in the future.

I have a spot! Can you edit it out?

We edit all our photos to ensure they look as good as possible. We understand that you might have a spot on one occasion that you don’t want to remember for years down the line! Our professional photo editing team use photoshop to remove blemishes. If your child falls the day before and gets a bruise or a scrape, we also remove these so they look like their normal selves.


What should we wear for a family photoshoot?

There is no particular dress code for a family photoshoot, but it’s often recommended that you pick simple, smart clothes to ensure the final photos look at fantastic as possible. Avoid clothes with logos or anything that might be distracting and make sure you’re not all wearing the same thing as that can look a bit unnatural!

It’s best to choose something you can sit down in (short skirts aren’t ideal!).

Remember that with Nousha Photography, the photographs will be black and white. Choosing bright colours doesn’t make much of a difference! Don’t pick anything too dark as that will be a distraction in the final photos. Pale clothes with simple patterns (such as knitted jumpers) look great, as does denim. Try to keep bold patterns to a minimum.

While you might want to bring an emergency change of clothes in case they get dirty or covered in food on your way over to the studio, it’s a good idea not to change your child’s clothes during the photo shoot. Not only does it waste time we could use for photographing, it also means that the set of photos at the end don’t look consistent. Some of our most popular images are those that include a series of multiple portraits. If your child is wearing different clothes, it’s not nearly as effective!

What happens after the photoshoot?

Once your family photoshoot is completed, you go home and the hard work begins for us! We look through all the individual photos generated during your photoshoot and gradually reduce it to the very top ones that showcase a wide variety of poses, emotions and looks. You’ll then be invited back for a viewing, which is an experience in itself!

Lasting about 90 minutes, the viewing will show you a large number of photographs and from there you can pick your favourites and the ones you want to showcase in your home or send out to the family.

Can I bring our pet to the shoot?

Yes! We’ve had a lot of pets in the studio over the years - especially dogs. They’re extra members of the family after all and have a way of making the photos even more dynamic.

Family Photoshoot

If you’re looking for a fun family photoshoot experience, then choose Nousha Photography. We deliver stunning, professional photos of your family that you’ll cherish for decades.