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Family Studio Photography

Nousha work from a modern studio in London, creating family studio photography in our own unique black and white style. Our professional studio setting removes busy and distracting backgrounds and turns the focus back to your family.

Our studio portraits deliver stunning visual results with your children at centre stage.

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Studio Photography

Our Studio

A photoshoot with Nousha largely takes place in our clean, modern and bright studio. We’re happy to meet you beforehand if you need to discuss anything face to face, but otherwise, you’ll come to our studio on the day.

We’re based in Clapham, but families come from around the city and far and wide both to get beautiful photos, and to enjoy the whole studio experience. 

Family studio photography is a brilliant experience - both for the kids and the grown ups. We take a mixture of family portraits, with parents included, and child portraits that feature your child on their own.

Little girl pointing in the studio

A lot of feedback we get is about how much people enjoy their studio shoot with us. Adults love dedicating time to their children, and the kids find the new experience (and all the attention!) fantastic.


We take a variety of shots with you and your child. Once they’ve settled in and are happy, and only then, we’ll ask you to leave the room.

We have a lovely space upstairs that’s perfect for you to kick back for half an hour, enjoy a cup of tea and a magazine (or just some space to chat without the kids!), while we continue the shoot in the studio.

The studio itself is a modern and neutral space. One of the key things that makes Nousha’s family studio photography different to some is that we value simplicity. It’s when the background and the distractions are simplified that your child can really shine out of the images.

The studio is well-lit, as is necessary to get fantastic portraits, with a white background. The open, neutral space means even our youngest visitors feel completely comfortable.


Child Studio Portraits

We firmly believe that studio photography is the way to get child portraits.

There are dozens of reasons why professional photography beats the constant stream of photos we all generate on our smartphones, but one of which is the studio environment.

The studio, with its high-quality. lights and clean, flawless background, creates a photo that’s impossible for you to achieve at home. It’s focused, professional and brings out the detail of your child. With family studio photography, you’ll see your little one in a new way.

toddler dancing

We remove the distractions and create images that are made by your child’s character and personality. Without busy backgrounds, the only thing to shape the feel of the photo is your child. In our studio portraits, it’s them who matter.

And this shows in the final photographs. Our family studio photography will make you smile, laugh and, if you’re like most of our clients, cry a bit too! There’s something incredibly emotional about our studio portraits. You’ll see your little girl or boy as an amazing individual with unique expressions and complex emotions. You’ll notice family resemblances you’ve never picked up on before and suddenly realise that they’re on their way to becoming a fully-formed person!


Family Studio Photography

photographer working in the studio

We’ve taken thousands upon thousands of studio portraits through the years and can guarantee excellence. No matter how particular your tastes, you’ll fall in love with our photography...

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