Picture Framers

Framed Prints

Your images will be retouched to your requirements as agreed at the viewing, then printed on 300 gsm extremely high grade Archival Hahnemühle photo rag paper. 

Your prints can be traditionally mounted with a passe-partout or floated and are framed by hand in your choice of moulding. Our frame mouldings are hand stained solid oak or ash or laminate finished ayous wood. We also have a range of very fine minimalist metal frames.

Nousha framed prints are distinguished by our discreet chrome hallmark.


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Mounting your print

You have the choice of two methods, Passe-Partout is the the more traditional way of mounting an image it's the French term for a mat, a cardboard sheet with a cutout, which is placed under the glass in a picture frame, the other is a distance float mount which uses a form of support (hidden from view) behind the artwork to raise it from the backboard, and give the appearance that it is floating in space.

Both look at home in a typical Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian urban house or flat, the floating is more contemporary than the Passe-Partout but not so modern as to appear out of place in a traditional setting.



A photograph is placed beneath it, with the cutout framing it. The passe-partout serves two purposes: first, to prevent the image from touching the glass, and second, to frame the image and enhance its visual appeal. The cutout in the passe-partout is beveled to avoid casting shadows on the picture. We use particularly thick board for our mounts giving a slightly more chunky but artsy look to the finished article..



The other choice is to have your print floated in a box frame, this gives a more contemporary look to your frame. The print is dry mounted to archival board then again mounted to foam core which is glued to the backing board, the effect is to create a drop shadow behind your print giving it the appearance of floating inside the frame.  


Framing Gallery

Images illustrating what we offer.