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Following your shoot you can choose to purchase a package and take advantage of an online viewing or book a face to face viewing at the studio.


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Book a shoot for £250 come and have your family photo session. I am confident you will love your pictures if the images don’t exceed your expectations then I will refund your shoot fee immediately, but you’ll have to be honest with me! You can leave having spent not one penny.
— Lionel Cherruault, co-founder of Nousha Photography

To download our price list, complete the form and hit the button. Check your inbox (and spam folder) for an email with a link to the prices.  Meanwhile, you will be redirected to our exclusive booking and packages page. We recommend you look here first as these prices are only available when booked and paid for online. It’s the perfect way to get the best price for your family photography.

Family Portrait Prices


Why Nousha?

You’re here, so you are serious about having a priceless photographic record of your children, hurry! Because tomorrow they will have changed and next month they will have changed again, by next year they will have transformed.

If you love photography painting, sculpture or piece of art is valuable to you, then Nousha Photography is the place for you. Apart from anything else this is a very nice experience.

Expect to spend

Leaving our studio with one image defeats the purpose of coming to Nousha, you should aim to leave with a good selection that illustrates your child’s character and expressions, the number of images can vary from at least 5 to 30, but at least five images would cover a one child shoot. 5 images = £1,250

This is an investment of sorts

An investment in your future, you won't make any money from it, but our pictures will enrich your life and capture some very powerful emotions that you will revisit again and again over the years.

The vast majority of our clients spend more than they planned, why? Because of the images we show them, nobody is prepared for the beauty of the work we will show you.

So pleasantly surprised

Our customers are simply taken aback and just cannot, not own these photographs. I think a lot of people suddenly realise what they are looking at, it is then that our photography comes into its own, these are not snaps, these are revealing studies of your children, be prepared, most aren't...

The Viewing, online or face to face?

If you feel confident in choosing your images and don’t require our professional advice then go for the online viewing, only available when you purchase a package.

Is a one to one consultation with one of the owners of Nousha Photography who will be able to guide and advise you on how best to display and select your images, this would primarily benefit those wanting framed prints.