Family Portrait Viewing

Viewing a family portrait
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Following your photoshoot, we’ll make an appointment for you to return to see your family portrait images. The viewing is 90 minutes, usually plenty of time to conclude your selection and place your order. Please come prepared to make decisions at the viewing appointment. If you can come with your partner, all the better. 

Our business is personal, and it’s essential you see the pictures in the manner we have prepared them for you to see. It’s a charming experience, one like no other.

You cannot explain what you see to your partner on the phone; you have to be there. I have seen many despondent clients leaving the viewing room after having tried to convince their spouse on a business trip on the other side of the world of the need to purchase their family portrait pictures. Sadly to no avail because the partner has not seen them and cannot equate the price with what is, in their mind, just a picture. 

But what a picture!

We guarantee you will never suffer dreadful, heavy-handed sales tactics; you will, however, be shown probably the best photographs of your children ever taken.

The Viewing Room

The air-conditioned viewing room is comfortably appointed and with examples of framed images in a variety of sizes and finishes.

A couple enjoying looking at their family portraits


The Portrait Slideshow

Nousha photography coffee and notebook

At the viewing, we will first show you a beautifully arranged slideshow of the very best of your family portrait images on a large screen. Please relax and take it all in. This can be a very emotional moment.

“I have seen both parents in floods of tears during the showing of the slideshow - tears of joy and pride I might add. This is perfectly normal because something rather special happens when you see your children photographed in this way. They are photographed with a purpose, and that purpose is to show them as the little individuals they are; your children will grow up to be adults like you and these pictures very much capture a period never to be repeated, literally, never repeated.”

- Lionel

Following the slideshow, which is rarely longer than 5 minutes, with your help we begin editing the images down to your favourites.

Editing family portraits

The Edit

In preparation for the viewing, we have edited your pictures from a large number photographs down to about a hundred, so you will see what we consider to be the best. 

The pictures we show you at the family portrait viewing are prepared so that they are of high enough quality for you to see on the screen. However, any retouching in Photoshop is reserved for those images you purchase. 

Do not be put off by spots, rashes, snotty noses, dribble etc - we can make those magically disappear!

Little boy portrait with untucked shirt

Playground scrapes can be easily removed. If you are worried though, then send us a snap of your child before the shoot and we can confirm whether its a job for Photoshop or if it's better waiting a few weeks! 

We could easily tuck this little boy’s shirt in if we wanted to, but actually we think it makes the photo more charming, and realistic!

We then begin the edit together; this is all about comparing similar pictures and choosing the best. You will soon get the hang of it. Our only involvement is to stop and advise if we feel you are making a mistake in losing a good picture.


The Aim

The aim of the edit is to reduce the number of images to the ones you truly love so you can then decide which ones you want.


“I never used to advise in viewings because I didn’t want to be accused of ‘selling’ to customers - our industry has a dreadful reputation for the hard sell - but some of the pictures people were getting rid of were sensational.

It came to me that we expect our customers to walk in off the street with no experience in photography, bar that experienced on high days and holidays, and make decisions about some of the best family photography in existence without help! So now we share our many years of experience and now we advise.” 

- Lionel

A most wonderful sequence of portraits that this little chap will undoubtedly bite your arm off for when he moves into his first flat!



Some of your family portrait photographs will stand out more than others, strong individual portraits and sequences of images that make up picture stories. We can simulate frame collections on screen to help you in your final decision.

A fun sequence of expressions ending with THE one below...

Family Portrait

Now is an excellent time to take a rest from eliminating photographs and consider what you want for your home. Our framed prints make unique and beautiful gifts for grandparents and relatives for birthdays and Christmas.

We trust you have already taken the time to establish suitable areas for family portraits in your home. Come with measurements of the walls you want to hang pictures on, and we can then establish what would fit and look best.

We offer a variety of framed images, floating contact sheets and digital negatives. All our frame mouldings are chosen to work with our house style of black & white imagery.

But if you don't want pictures to display in your home, then own them: buy the digital negative copies, because one day you will delight in seeing them again - as will your children.