Portraiture Photographers

Nousha is a team of portraiture photographers, creating stunning family photography in our signature black & white style. Really, we’re a sum of our parts; every member of the team brings a new layer to Nousha’s style. Nousha began life, however, with Claire and Lionel...

Photographic Heritage

Both Claire and Lionel come from very different backgrounds and it has to be said different eras.

Clear blue photo

Claire hails from Devon and spent her formative years growing up in Plymouth. She is a photography graduate of Falmouth College of Arts with a fantastic worldwide reputation.

While a central part of our team of portraiture photographers, Claire is a landscapist at heart. She has an eye for capturing the beauty in wide expanses and is most at home exploring the moors in Devon with her camera and tripod, surrounded by the glorious stretches of landscape.

Blue sky landscape

Claire has endless patience, enabling her to get that perfect shot. At the mercy of the sun, capturing a landscape at its best is truly an artform.

Her expertise helped to develop Nousha Photography’s ‘House Style’ and Claire is also responsible for how smooth all Nousha's production runs.

Claire and Lionel’s joint knowledge brings to Nousha Photography a piquancy you won’t find with other portraiture photographers.

Lionel was born in Paris and educated at the French Lycee in London and in Orleans. A professional photographer for nearly forty years, he is classically trained in the art of portraiture photography. Lionel began his career as a features and portrait photographer, later specialising in the British Royal Family for twenty years.

Lionel’s photographs been published in, and commissioned by, all of the major magazines around the world, including: Vogue London, Life,

Time, Newsweek, The Observer, Paris-Match, Bunte and Oggi, to name but a few.

Accredited and invited by Buckingham Palace to cover official UK Royal engagements and Royal Tours to seventy countries. He was Royal Correspondent for Sipa Press Agency in Paris for more than ten years.

A small selection of magazine covers featuring Lionel's photographs.

And below a few pictures from Lionel's half a million picture library from old Royal days.