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A three minute film of reviews by a number of journalists we invited to review their experience at Nousha Photography. (Sound Up)

It was a great experience, tough on my special needs son who cannot stand flashes but Lionel managed creatively to convince him that taking pictures can be fun without the flash and the noise of it. None of us felt intimidated which you can see in the result. Theres 

“The results were stunning I was very positive about the whole experience. I thought that the environment was welcoming yet calm. Whilst I saw little of the shoot itself (which in itself was rather a relief) the children evidently had a lot of fun and the results were stunning. In fact by far the most stressful element of the whole experience was choosing best shots and having to discard others." Nick, London

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Read Mother Pukkas’s review

Read Mother Pukkas’s review

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Family smiling and giving a positive review

"We have only positive things to say!
The process was easy and we felt looked after. Everyone was incredibly polite and our photographer was superb with our baby. We absolutely love our picture, it’s addictive - I can’t stop looking at it.
Many many thanks xxx" Jane

"Warning to all parents: Take a handkerchief- you will weep when you see the results ..! 
We will be forever grateful for the utterly beautiful photographs that Nousha created and captures of our four year old daughter. Everything is beautifully presented and packaged and made a perfect birthday present for my husband. Our daughter loved the shoot itself and still talks about it now, three months on."


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Fantastic service from start to end. Working with us on ordering costs too. Would highly recommend. Extremely thorough and of a high standard

The Hares family

Nothing negative to note really, thanks a lot to all your staff for the love experience that my daughter Selina Sutton and I had at your lovely studio. Would love to come back. Looking forward to getting her framed photo now. Thank you so much!

The Sutton family

We had a really great time and the overall experience on the day of the photo shoot was fun. We have chosen some really beautiful family photos that we will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you, Nousha. Your professionalism and approach have made us very happy. Keep it up!


Very good experience overall. Would have liked an idea of pricing on the website

The McLeod family

It was great fun. We all enjoyed it and the children wanted to do it all over again the next day!

The Wontner-Smith family

Experience was emotional and thrilling beginning to end. Only criticism is very high prices and time limit on choosing photos.

The McCall family

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The shoot itself was relaxing, comfortable and so fun. Seeing the pictures afterwards was one of the most emotional moments ever! Couldn't help but tear up at the beautiful shots that were captured. 

The Tanyeri Chubb family

We all had such a fun time in the studio and were rather disappointed when it ended! Watching the slideshow was incredible and it was hard to make our final selection!

The Gerbrandy family

Family photography with little girl

“Professional slick but most of all fun for the littl'uns who performed above par on account of feeling instantly at ease with the photographer. Images I will treasure for ever. Thank you to all involved." Rebecca

"Liked every part of it: the place itself, the friendly staff that put us at ease, the time efficiency and the amazing pictures as a result!" The Groothaert family

We all had fun time, the photographer was amazing with our girls. Hope to come back in future when the girls are bigger. Can't wait to receive the photos now! The Zieglerova family

"The children loved the photo session, though they were a bit nervous at first not knowing what to expect, they were put at their ease really quickly and very much enjoyed the attention. The slideshow was fantastic - was also an excellent marketing tool, as there were so many great photos to choose from. The photos showed me a different side of us, especially the children - in a way it’s quite a strange feeling. It was all done very professionally and efficiently while at the same time very warmly and friendly."  Claudia, London

I liked the fact that the shoot was short.
"We've had sessions in the past that went on way too long and with young children, this is simply exhausting. The fact that you captured such amazing photographs in such a short session is one of the reasons we will definitely be back." Courtney

"We would like to warmly thank you for the amazing framed photographs. I have given lots of Nousha cards to mothers after school, and you will hopefully be contacted by new clients." Sophie & Joel

"I never allow anyone to take my photo and our 17 year old son is even worse, so, that you managed to make the whole experience fun and painless is extraordinary!
I think you should let other families with older, reluctant, self conscious children (and adults) know that it really is a positive, even life enhancing experience. I am beyond thrilled to be receiving some superb photos of our family including the first good ones ever of all of the children together. They will be amongst my most precious possession." Vicky

Shoot was great fun - the girls had a great time. A cup of tea whilst I was waiting for them would have been a good idea. Enjoyed the viewing, well presented, loved the snippets of video from the shoot. Marjorie

You will be offered tea or coffee now! Lionel  

"Iris and I thoroughly enjoyed our photoshoot at nousha. At 12 months Iris was at a tricky age. Very mobile and so hard to contain in one spot. Lionel made it all stress free and lots of fun. the resulting photos are beautiful and capture a 1 year old Iris perfectly, Many thanks." Lucy

“Is it ok to admit that I have watched the slideshow on repeat for the last hour?
It’s been a wonderful experience - with amazing photographs of Teddy to treasure. I can’t find the right words to express the joy that we will feel looking at these photographs, and how lucky we feel that Lionel has captured the true spirit of our son for us to enjoy for ever and ever. Rest assured we WILL be telling everyone we know about you.”Molly

"Having watched this again (the slideshow), you can tell Lionel that I was emotionally incontinent for a second time! It is wonderful - thank you!"

"What a fantastic experience, we were made to feel so at ease, even the dogs were happy to oblige! The end result is fantastic beautiful photos in wonderful frames, an experience we will never forget." Carrie

We loved it, the hardest part was deciding from so many beautiful photos...I wanted them all!!

The Coltart family

Thanks Lionel & Claire it's a very high quality product and we love it

Olly and Amy

We were amazed that you managed to get our son, Jack, to participate. He really wasn't in the greatest mindset on the shoot day and when we saw what you had captured, we were astounded! The pictures you took of our children really capture the essence of their characters, and Lionel is gifted in getting them on side, making them feel really relaxed in his company. 

The Button family

We wanted to thank Nousha + Team for the amazing family pictures and family photos of our daughter. We were dreaming of a photo with the whole family (including our beloved cat Rolf) and only found one cat-loving photographic company. It is a very special gift to have been able to have a picture as special as this. So thank you a million times!

The Bragg Family

I think the way the photographer engaged with the children was very good. And the session was a good experience for all of us.

The Naidorf family

Everyone at Nousha is amazing. The experience is great and we love the results.  Choosing the photos is really hard because there are so many wonderful ones.  It is really fun to see the shots.  I also like that your business is open and welcoming.

The Carlock family

Loved the session, the ease of the experience and how natural the entire shoot was. 
I adored the video that played during our preview and review session. I was heart broken that I couldn't afford to bring home the precious memories that were made and wish there were more affordable options. 
We were only able to purchase one image and left hundreds of other favourite images for the cloud to swallow up, never to been seen by our family again - this made me so sad. 
When we saw the pricing sheets, we almost didn't return for the viewing because we knew it was on the extreme side of what we've paid for comparable photography services before.
It has taken a very long time to receive our one printed and one digital image. 
The wait period is too long. 
Otherwise, the studio, customer service, image quality and professionalism were out of this world!

The Kocher family

Loved it from start to finish , knew from the first click of the camera something truly special was being recorded. Professional , slick but most of all fun for the littl'uns who performed above par on account of feeling instantly at ease with the photographer. Images I will treasure forever. Thank you to all involved. 

The Oldfield family

We all loved the shoot. It was great fun, Mathilde really knew how to get the best out of us and we were excited to see the photos. The viewing was also fantastically managed- the advice and help to select the best shots was invaluable and there was no pressure to buy. A truly wonderful experience. The Briggs family

We had a brilliant time and the kids enjoyed really put everybody at ease... The Fox family

Thanks it was great and the kids loved it!The Cahan family