Your Shoot, the fun begins 

Nousha Photography London's children's and family portrait photographer

Your family photo shoot in our studio in London will last around one hour, we work quickly as children can get bored and fed up very quickly. In this time we can photograph up to four children and two adults, please call us to arrange a longer shoot if you have a larger family.

Our studio is a simple white room, it can seem a little overwhelming to little ones so we will always ask parents in at the beginning of the shoot to get things started, after the children are settled we may kick you out so we can get their full attention. We avoid toys as our style is simple portraiture - a big plastic fire engine can really ruin the look!

Our photographers will work hard to take a good range of photographs for you to choose from when you come back for your viewing.

The shoot fee is £250 and covers the cost of the session only and does not include any images. Download our price list below for all our products and prices.




The Viewing, your time to choose

Nousha Photography London's children's and family portrait photographer

Hundreds of photographs are taken during the shoot but before you come back for your viewing appointment our photographers will have narrowed them down to a more manageable number for you to look at. We will keep sequences that we think look nice together and a range of expressions for you to choose from, after all you know your children better than us and know which is their genuine smile, their usual expressions and the rarer more surprising ones that we will have captured.

Your viewing will last around an hour and a half and requires a lot of concentration so it’s best if you can leave the children at home and have a good think about where you would like to hang your images and the possible sizes before you come.

Be prepared for your viewing by downloading our price list for sizes and inspiration.